In today’s world there are so many different names, classifications, and marketing schemes out there that are used to hype up the camber design, most of them don ́t even function in a way that will help people become better snowboarders. We have decided to cut the crap and keep snowboarding simple by simplifying our camber names and technologies to only those that work, and that are approved by our regional and global team riders, and friends. That is why we have chosen to offer the four camber profiles that really work, and we are not overcomplicating things by micro-slicing and renaming them – Even though all of our camber profiles are adjusted to match the type of person or terrain the boards are designed for, but TRUE camber is camber, Gullwing is Gullwing, Flat-Out is Flat-Out, and Cam-Out is Cam-Out. Real camber technology that works and does not need a marketing scheme to prove it.


 is good old standard camber, which provides the stability, and pop many shreds can´t live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivalled by any other camber design. Our TRÜE CAMBER varies between board models because each board is specifically designed for a certain terrain or type of riding, for example the TRÜE CAMBER in our Pantera has a larger height for maximum response, while the TRÜE CAMBER in our freestyle boards are lower to provide you with a more freestyle friendly flex, without losing the support and trust you need for stomping landings. Camber is Camber there is no point in over complicating it!

CAM-OUT Camber is basically a TRÜE Camber with early and smooth transitions into tip and tail. The result is a fun and responsive board that turns on the spot and is forgiving, even after that 713.5° landing!

FLAT-OUT ROCKER is a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain. The ultimate hybrid between Zero Camber and Reverse Camber to allow you to have the most playful yet stabile ride for easy progression and all-mountain domination. The profile of choice for park, freestyle, and urban riders worldwide.

GULLWING ROCKER is a hybrid camber/rocker profile in a league of its own, it offers the best of both worlds for the all-mountain destroyer. The positive camber under each foot supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber profile in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as pressability in the park. This do-it-all design allows you to have a quiver of one and ride the whole mountain like a terrain park.